Friday, 10 February 2012

An Amusing Language Learning Tool -- Lyrics Learning

Pop music is one of the most commonly used media to reveal all aspects of people's life, such as emotion, routine life, history, people's thought. Thus it integrates into the culture of a given culture.

That could be a big part of the reason for many people recommending learning language through songs, apart from the amusement of music.

Learners may feel bothered to stop and replay the piece of songs while listening to and learning the lyrics. Here we get an incredible tool for lyrics learning -- Lyrics Training.

Using this website, the learners can search for any song they are interested in, or select a random song. Just a quick clicks, they can play the lyrics training game with the music video played in the middle of the screen -- filling the blanks within the lyrics. What makes it cater for all the level of the language learners is that there are three proficiency levels for the learners to choose, namely the beginner, intermediate, and expert. They are categorised  by the proportion of the missing words.

Besides, there will be presented the user-friendly tips of the game tutorial if you click the Help button.

By using this web tool of language learning, the learners' interest will be boost especially for teenages, since the pop music is a part of their life. They can combine the pastime and language learning together, thus turning language learning an enjoyable thing.

However, the application of this website can be hard to be implemented in a real class, especially hard for large size class, since it involves the easy access to the computer and internet, and it is also very practical in terms of time limitation. Therefore, it is recommened to be a complementary learning resouce after the class.

Another danger of using this website is that the lyrics and the vedio of some songs includes the elements of sex, drugs, violence, etc., which can cause problems for young learners. It can be a possible way to avoid this danger that the teacher select the appropriate songs and send the links to them.

Here is the link for a song called What Makes You Beautiful from an UK pop group, One direction.
Click here to try it now!

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