Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Wonderful Online Discussion Platform -- TodaysMeet

TodaysMeet is a wonderful online communication tool. A public meeting room can be created easily at any time, making online group discussion effortlessly accessible.

Teachers can use TodaysMeet to
  •       organise the students to brainstorm on certain topics as a warming-up activity in the class
  •       collect the students' feedbacks of the previous classes, and prepare for the following classes
  •       open a Q-A session outside the classroom
  •      disscuss the outline, syllubus, teaching aids, etc. with other colleagues within the school or far away
Students can  use TodaysMeet to
  •       discuss and negotiate with their partners converning their cooperative work
  •       ask and answer the Qs their fellow students post
  •       comment on the class immediately after the class

The reasons for teachers to choose TodaysMeet:
  •      More room for the Ss: when applying the tool to the second language teaching and learning, the teacher's role is pulling back. In other words, students are given more room to express their ideas, thus rather student-centred.
  •      Motivation: many students of shy personality or lower target language proficiency level tend to be reluctant to speak in the public, especially facing an authoritative role as a teacher. Without the concrete appearance of the teacher, the students can be motivated and more actively involved in the group work and the discussion.
  •      Effectiveness: the creating of the meeting room is not limited to the time and place. Besides, it aslo cost-effective.
  •      Recorder of the discussion: with an easy click on the "transcript" button in lower right side of the disscussion box, the the lines of every participants can be automatically recorded for future use. 

          This online communication tool does not allow the users to share any images, audio or visual files. It may bring about difficulty for the illustration of some discussion, the sharing of the resouce between the Ts and Ss, and so forth.

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